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VP of Development & External Affairs
United States-NY-New York City

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Reporting to the CEO/Executive Director, the Vice President of Development and External Affa...

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Promises, Promises and a Moment of Silence

If 50 percent of the people kept 50 percent of their promises 50 percent of the time, the world would be a much better place. Nowhere is that more true than in a selling situation. How many times has a supervisor, colleague, or even a client promised something and then not delivered? The power of a commitment kept cannot be understated. It clearly ...

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Employment Spectator

How to Be More Motivated in the Workplace

Dated: 11-20-2014

Working at the same job day in and day out can quickly cause lack of passion, excitement and motivation for your job. Whether you are working up the ladder, in a position you hope to have for the remainder of your career, or just starting out, it’s easy to lose interest in what you do […]

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LayOff Watch

Coping with Depression after Losing a Job

Dated: 12 November,2014

There is no more natural response to losing your job, after the initial shock, and then the anger at your former employers, to settle into a depression. It counts as a sort of failure, after all, when your desire is frustrated, and most people don’t immediately see being laid off as an opportunity. Since wowing […]

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